Diabetes case studies primary care

Case Study: Screening and Treatment of Pre-Diabetes in Primary Care

Additional research questions relating to case management include identifying the optimal intensity frequency and duration of patient contact and determining whether professionals other than nurses e. Addition of rapid-acting insulin to basal insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes: Many advanced practice nurses NPs, CNSs, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists may prescribe and adjust medication through prescriptive authority granted to them by their state nursing regulatory body.

Ethnic and gender differences in psychosocial factors, glycemic control, and quality of life among adult type 2 diabetic patients. Walsh J, Roberts R. The following case study illustrates the clinical role of advanced practice nurses in the management of a patient with type 2 diabetes.

Accessed August 24, In addition, more studies are needed with a concurrent comparison group to control for secular trends in healthcare delivery and patient practices. Insulin resistance and adolescent girls with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Case Studies

He also eats eight to ten pieces of fresh fruit per day at meals and as snacks. Beta-cell failure in diabetes and preservation by clinical treatment. Ethnic and gender differences in psychosocial factors, glycemic control, and quality of life among adult type 2 diabetic patients.

Diabetes in BME communities: Intense exercise has unique effects on both insulin release and its roles in glucoregulation: J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab. US Renal Data System. Ethnic disparities in diabetic complications in an insured population. Even though disease and case management were found effective in the managed care setting for improving glycemic control and provider monitoring of certain important outcomes, several important evidence gaps were identified in this review.

Prevalence of diabetic retinopathy in rural China: Comparison of a multiple daily insulin injection regimen basal once-daily glargine plus mealtime lispro and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion lispro in type 1 diabetes: Improvement in glycemic excursions with a transcutaneous, real-time continuous glucose sensor: Currently, all 50 states have some form of prescriptive authority for advanced practice nurses.

The best insulin injection pen device for caregivers: Therefore, she has been unable to purchase the fluticasone or salmeterol and so has only been taking prednisone and albuterol for recent acute asthma exacerbations.

Case 1: John

The best insulin injection pen device for caregivers: Healthcare providers monitoring of GHb levels: He lives with his wife of 48 years and has two married children. Garg S, Jovanovic L.A year-old Chinese American female presents to her primary care provider for her 3-month routine diabetes follow-up Click To Enter Case Interactive Case Study Operating Instructions.

Start studying Case Study Diabetes Type 1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. The nurse's decision about what to tell these callers should be based on what primary consideration.

and your health care team will be there to help you. Features. Quizlet Live. Quizlet Learn. Diagrams. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has released a summary of its recommendations that focus on managing patients with diabetes in primary care, as published March 1 in the Annals of.

Case Study: A Patient With Type 2 Diabetes Working With an Advanced Practice Pharmacist to Address Interacting Comorbidities.

Case Study: A Patient With Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes and Complex Comorbidities Whose Diabetes Care Is Managed by an Advanced Practice Nurse Geralyn Spollett, MSN, C-ANP, CDE nurses in managing common primary care issues.4 NP care has been associ-ated with a high level of satisfaction.

Diabetes primary and community care With rising demand for services and a shift towards providing care closer to home, primary and community care is increasingly at the forefront of delivering diabetes care.

Diabetes case studies primary care
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