Innocence and evil in a separate peace a novel by john knowles

A Separate Peace

The story takes place in the school Devon. Historical fiction buffs will get a kick both from the powerfully nostalgic description of war-time America and from the fact that characters in the book are reportedly modeled on well known people, e.

In either case, the overall theme is clear: At a tree by the river, Gene thinks of his friend and roommate, Phineas nicknamed Finnythe best athlete in the school. But Finny's trust in Gene is absolute, and he refuses to believe the confession.

Leper was the only one that had seen Gene make Finny fall from the tree. Gene himself, though, states that he fought his own war while at Devon and killed his enemy there. During his time at Devon, Gene goes through a period of intense kinship with Finny.

But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. This is the end of innocence, and the beginning of experience for Gene.

In that time and place, my characters would have behaved totally differently. The effect of the novel differed by an order of magnitude.

Gene is a shy, reserved intellectual, while Phineas is an outgoing, lively athlete. The work is without a doubt, a masterpiece that sends you into deep thought of intentions, forgiveness, jealousy, and love.

Gene and Finny's friendship goes through a period of fun, one-sided rivalry during which Gene strives to out-do Finny academically, since he believes Finny is trying to out-do him.

Important Quotes from “A Separate Peace”

Finny's status as the best athlete inspires Gene to strive to become the best student in the school. Inhe was 16 and living at Devon with his best friend and roommate, Phineas nicknamed Finny. The tree is an example of the tree in the Garden of Eden.

Gene is a lonely, introverted intellectual. The next day, Finny dies during the operation to set the bone when bone marrow enters his bloodstream during the surgery. Gene knows what he did, and he knows that he is guilty.

He has gone back to the school, Devon, after fifteen years to try to put what happened there behind him so he could go on with his life.Use these quotes from A Separate Peace by John Knowles to make your teacher think you read the novel.

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Or use them when writing an essay, completing a test or doing a literary analysis. Loss of Innocence in A Separate Peace One of John Knowles’ philosophies was that, “Loss of innocence is not only a necessary evil, but it is vital to spiritual growth, as the loss of the umbilical chord is to physical growth”.

This, along with many of his other philosophies, can be seen through his writing. In John Knowles' novel A Separate Peace, the theme of loss of innocence is skillfully developed through setting, character, and symbols.

A Separate Peace

This story simply details. A separate peace, written by John Knowles, is set in a boarding school in New Hampshire during World War II. This book is a remarkable novel mainly about a unique friendship between the two main characters, Gene and Phineas.5/5(7).

A Separate Peace Summary

A SEPARATE PEACE The theme "rite of passage" was used in the novel A Separate Peace, by John Knowles. This moving from innocence to adulthood was contained within three sets of interconnected symbols: summer and winter, the Devon and Naguamsett Rivers, and peace and war.5/5(1).

A Separate Peace By: Anonymous E-mail: [email protected] A Separate Peace A Separate Peace is a novel by John Knowles that is about prep school experiences during World War II.

This book was a good story about an adolescents attempt to understand the world and himself.

Innocence and evil in a separate peace a novel by john knowles
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