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Things such as flooding, or poor building contruction, design, or ventilation, can bring on the problem. There are no documented studies that clearly demonstrate a causal link between having worked in a sick building and chronic medical conditions.

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Sick Building Syndrome: Is Your Office Making You Sick?

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People working in plastics manufacturing are at risk for liver or bladder cancer. In particular we lashed very promising, gifted individuals taking up deeply compromising careers.

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Researchers have also identified an insidious illness known as sick building syndrome.

Sick building syndrome

As for the other tenants most were on benefits and hence a drain on business and parasites really.“That means a sick person could have cleared out of the room, along with the air, but if the person was coughing and sneezing and stuff, the virus might have settled on the floor.

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Legionnaires' disease is the more severe form of the infection, which may involve pneumonia. The onset of this form of the disease is usually two to 10 days after infection but can occur up to 16 days later.

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Sick buildingsbad air essay
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